Water filtration system C Series


The stainless steel silo “C series”, with its multiple dimensions, is the most required water clarifier in the market. It’s a classic. it represents the flagship of water filtration plants.

How it works:

The gray processed water is collected in a pit. The lifting pump loads the gray water into the silo filtering system. A central inner tube releases them near the cone. The heavier water releases the suspended solids in the cone by gravity and then goes up clarified because lighter. By overflow, the same is collected in a tank or pit ready to be reused. A booster pump will send it back the workshop machinery.

Silo with filtering bag


  • Versatility: you only need to connect 3 water hoses, 1 air hose, 1 power supply cable to get the plant all set and running.
  • Suitable for almost the totality of laboratories: for very low ceiling ones we do have the lamellar BluComb line.
  • Flow rate up to 4.000 Lt./min. 1.056 GPM.
  • Full made in thick Stainless Steel
  • Upgrade program on default: Performance increase required when IE new machines are added.
  • Turbidimeter: to control in real time the filtration quality. Optional.
  • Industry 4.0 ready: increase the production quality of the plants and it can be controlled remotely. Optional.

Technical Data