ITALMECC – Blucomb


Lamellar packs water clarifier

Lamellar water clarifier Blucomb in its variations: hot galvanized, Polystone™, and stainless steel, is able to treat high quantity of water maintaining reduced dimensions, allowing the installation in laboratories with limited available space, especially in height.

Lamellar self-cleaning system (optional) guarantees a perfect depuration efficiency and at the same time, it keeps the clarifier cleaner. Flow capacity with this system is included from 250 to 900 lt/min (66 to 237 GPM).

Monobloc compact system (bcm 8.5)


  • Acceleration: of the sedimentation and disintegration processes of engineered stone.
  • Space saving: and cost reduction.
  • Increased flow rate: and efficiency of the filtration system for the benefit of compact dimensions.
  • Automatic self-cleaning system: of lamellar packs (optional) to guarantee perfect and efficient functioning of the system (it cannot be clogged).
  • Fully automated: flocculant preparation and dosing system (optional)
  • System performance :from 250 to 900 l / min (66 to 237 GPM).
  • Filter press: (optional) integrated in the monobloc.
  • Turbidimeter: (optional) to check the turbidity level of the water in real time.

Technical Data