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Waterjet Cutting System

The revolutionary hydroabrasive cutting system for large metal plates is a modular system, capable of growing to meet future requirements, and can mount up to three head gantries (3/5 axes) on the same structure.

Waterjet cutting is a technology based on the use of ultra-high-pressure jet of water (up to 7,000 bar) to cut a wide variety of materials.
The energy required for cutting is obtained by channelling into a suitably calibrated nozzle a pressurised water flow at up to 413.7 MPa (60,000 psi) that produces a cohesive jet stream at double the speed of sound. The jet, which can be of pure water or a mixture with added abrasives depending on the material to be cut, is aimed at the surface of the workpiece and causes material separation through a dual action: erosion and abrasion.
Water is pressurised by a special hydraulically-driven volumetric pump, called “ultra-high pressure intensifier”, which is the physical heart of waterjet technology, allowing high-quality, fast and precise cutting of all types of materials, even along complex paths, and producing clean surfaces free from any processing residue.

Use of the waterjet technology reduces the amount of scrap material produced during cutting and facilitates the process by allowing the nesting of uncut parts closer together.

The benefits offered by this technology are aplenty: production times are instant, because the move from the drawing board to manufacturing is immediate and thus allows the handling of small batches regardless of the type of required material.

The benefit offered by the waterjet technology is quite clear when it comes to working with materials where any thermal or mechanical stress might affect their physical-chemical properties. The waterjet technology is clearly non-polluting: the absence of smoke and dust ensures a comfortable and risk-free working environment.

Idea offers the best value for money even in its entry level configuration.

  • Aerospace
  • Furniture
  • Funerary art
  • Soft/insulating materials
  • Street furniture
  • Decoration
  • Autocaravan
  • Automotive
  • Wind energy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Military
  • Boat furniture
  • Sport and leisure