CMS Profile

Vertical CNC modular machining center

Introduced by CMS in 1997, Brembana Profile is the first real “vertical” CNC working center, designed for grinding, milling and drilling glass sheets vertically. Due to over 20 years of experience, now, CMS can offer a complete machining center that completely meets any customer’s needs. According to the configuration, Brembana Profile can carry out arising, polished and industrial grinding, milling, and coaxial drilling operations with absolute accuracy, thanks to the advantages of vertical machining. Available in different sizes, it enables working small- and large-sized sheets up to 7500×3300 mm (other maximum workable dimensions on request). Brembana Profile can be installed as a stand-alone machine, in line with a drilling-milling machine or inside a double-glazing line:

• loading/unloading operations can be carried out either manually or by CMS automatic systems

• the bearing structure of the machine is made of thick steel, treated with rustproofing and ceramic paint

• maximum flexibility in the format and production batch change operations: no machine set-up operations are required

• new protection for maximum safety during machining and reduction of overall dimensions

• CMS “glass-guide” system which ensures perfect coaxiality between glass and grinding wheel


Thanks to the 18 HP of the most powerful spindle in its category and to the glass clamping system that eliminates tool vibrations, Profile polishes glasses up to 30mm with the quality of horizontal CNC machine.

The second grinding spindle improves productivity by up to 43% thanks to the possibility of working two sides of glass simultaneously. Profile is the perfect machine to be inserted upstream of a double-glazing line since it can seam a square meter of glass in less than 18 seconds.

60 tool change positions combined with the management of multi-profile tools eliminate the necessity of manual tool changes. The time needed for a change, less than 20 seconds, is hidden in the glass repositioning operations without affecting the working time.

The matrix suction cup group is capable of supporting glass up to 1 ton. The squaring of the glass is guaranteed by the perpendicularity between the guides, reaching values of 0.15mm per meter the smaller of the vertical machines.

Technical Data