Marco Usellini

Expert Technician

Born in the town of Bergamo, Marco, our resident expert technician, is undeniably Italian. Aside from being surrounded by delicious delicacies and centuries-old culture, his childhood was filled with soccer, basketball, music and helping his dad in the workshop – which somehow shaped a natural knack for mechanics and working with his hands. As soon as he was old enough, our young technician found himself enrolled in one of Italy’s Instituto Tecnico High Schools – where he learned everything from mechatronics to robotics, and a little programming on the side (complemented by a love of video games). 

From the moment he graduated, this practical expert was fully employable – which came in handy (excuse the pun). At the age of 21, Marco was invited to work with a packaging subcontractor for the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, who offered a great salary and travel around the world, in exchange for keeping machines running all day, every day. Naturally, he took up the deal, and had his career take off.

A few years later, the course of his life changed, thanks to another irresistible opportunity. Cms, one of our biggest machinery suppliers, was looking for technicians to care for their cutting-edge machines. As it turned out, Marco was an ideal candidate, and was quickly welcomed into the Cms family. He stayed there for almost 6 years – until another opportunity came knocking at his door.

“I got a call from Pierre asking me to come to Australia and work with him. I checked with my family, and it was an easy decision to make – nice weather, nice people, it was an easy move.”

And, he’s been with us ever since 2018 –  bridging the gap between Italy and Australia, and Innovync and Cms. With the title of Expert Technician beside his name, Marco’s expertise is always on show. Handling installations, machine care, client training, and troubleshooting, there is little in the way of technicalities that this pro doesn’t know – or can’t quickly find out.    

“I’m constantly talking back and forth with Cms, so I still consider myself kind of part of the company.”

The skills, setup, and direct connections make this technical star an integral part of our team. With his know-how, dedication to service, and Italian humour, he’s a key player in our midst, whose mind and hands-on touch keep our clients – and their machines – running at full of.